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James Shires
Managing Editor
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James Shires is the Co-Director of the European Cyber Conflict Research Initiative (ECCRI), and Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House. He was previously an Assistant Professor in Cybersecurity Governance at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs, University of Leiden. He is also a Fellow with The Hague Program on International Cyber Security. He has written widely on issues of cybersecurity and international politics, including cybersecurity expertise, digital authoritarianism, spyware regulation, and hack-and-leak operations. He is the author of The Politics of Cybersecurity in the Middle East (Hurst/Oxford University Press 2021).
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Race matters in cybersecurity
Densua Mumford / James Shires • 13 November 2023
How racial hierarchies impact the digital security field in the Gulf
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Introducing Binding Hook
James Shires / Max Smeets • 7 November 2023
Managing Editors Max Smeets and James Shires introduce our new platform
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