Introducing Binding Hook

Managing Editors Max Smeets and James Shires introduce our new platform
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Early iterations of the Binding Hook logo

Welcome to Binding Hook, a new media outlet by the European Cyber Conflict Research Initiative (ECCRI). We are thrilled to introduce you to this new platform and here’s why.

Why Binding Hook exists

The dance between emerging technology and security is intricate and ever-evolving. It adds complexity with each technological stride. As we push the boundaries of what technology can achieve, we are forced to urgently reflect on the security implications. How do we safeguard these innovations? How do we ensure they are harnessed for the greater good? Moreover, the priorities and objectives of (national) security not only respond to technological changes but also actively shape technological development and adoption. At Binding Hook, our mission is to untangle these complexities, providing a platform that sheds light on the synergy and friction between technology and security.

The name “Binding Hook” encapsulates our mission to connect and captivate, to bind diverse stories and hook our readers. We wanted a title that was versatile and adaptive, reflecting the dynamic landscape of technology and security. As these fields evolve, so too will the nature and scope of our platform. This flexibility means we can stay relevant, expand our horizons, and continually develop along with our subject matter.

What we offer – a European base with a global voice

While Binding Hook is rooted in Europe, our vision is global. We invite voices from all corners of the world to join our conversation, recognising that – especially in a digitally interconnected world – issues of technology and security do not respect regional boundaries. We cherish diverse and underrepresented perspectives. We believe that they lead to a richer, more comprehensive understanding of global affairs.

Navigating Binding Hook – our three sections

Our platform is organised into three sections, each tailored for a unique type of submission:

  • Binding Edge: This section features op-ed style pieces. Writers voice their opinions, critiques, and visions, offering a fresh and accessible take on the most pressing issues at the intersection of security and technology.
  • Hooked on Trends: Diving into Hooked on Trends, you will find pieces analysing patterns in the tech-security landscape. Think of it as your compass for navigating the complex world of security and technology, uncovering and unpacking the significance of key data points and longer-term trends.
  • Book Binder: The Book Binder section is tailored for the bibliophiles. Delve into deep discussions on recent publications, critiques, and reflections by authors. From understanding the policy implications of a new book to revisiting older works and considering their relevance in today’s context, this section bridges the gap between outstanding scholarship and its real-world implications.

These categories are designed to be guiding lights, helping authors and readers find the right fit for their interests. They will of course overlap and blur, with topics resurfacing from one section to another. Together, we believe these three sections fulfil the overarching mission of Binding Hook, acting as the glue for the broader Binding Hook community, both on and off the platform.

Our commitment to quality

Each piece submitted to Binding Hook undergoes a meticulous editorial process. We uphold the highest standards of accuracy, clarity, and relevance, ensuring that our readers enjoy content of exceptional quality.

Join us on this journey at Binding Hook. Whether you are a seasoned expert, an emerging voice, or a curious reader, there is space for you here. Welcome aboard!

James Shires and Max Smeets, Managing Editors Binding Hook and Co-Directors ECCRI