Binding Hook is a web outlet created by ECCRI to gather expert perspectives on digital and emerging technologies and security. It centres the conversation on Europe in its global context through opinions and analysis from practitioners and researchers. 


Topics. We cover traditional cybersecurity topics and are equally interested in the effects of other digital and emerging technologies on the security of people, organisations, and states.  

Article Types.

Geography. Binding Hook is a gathering place for diverse thoughts and perspectives on digital and emerging technologies and security in Europe. While Europe is our home and centre of gravity, our authors need not be European, nor do the topics covered matter only to this continent. 

Expertise. Binding Hook serves as a gateway to knowledge produced by practitioners in the private and public sectors and academic and policy researchers.  

Funding. Binding Hook is funded by ECCRI, a registered UK charity. ECCRI’s constitution, funders, and other administrative information can be found on its website or that of the UK Charity Commission. All editorial decisions are made independently, and we require all authors to disclose potential conflicts of interest. Binding Hook is also partially supported through funding received by ECCRI from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), as a member of the consortium for the EU Horizon project Reigniting Multilateralism Through Technology (REMIT).

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